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Last update: Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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I developed a series of Java libraries for handling XML and XML-RPC and eventually decided to release these tools under the Lesser GNU Public License. I'm not very actively developing the library, however, I would be glad to help you fix a bug or add a feature you may need. Everything has been thoroughly unit-tested, but I'm sure I may have missed a few things.

The e-xml Parse Suite

My goal was to develop tools for XML streaming data that were fast, robust, used less memory, and were easy to use.

This project is mostly inactive and obsolete as efficient XML Pull Parsing and STaX parses have been developed and released over the years.

The library is considered a "suite" because there are multiple parser interfaces. There's a very low-level parser and a parser that works similarly to a DOM parser. Basically, it allows for skipping over data you don't to see, and parsing trees of data you do care about.

HTTP client/server libraries

I wrote a basic library for building HTTP clients and HTTP servers. All the libraries I've seen don't work very well with streaming. The Java java.net.URLConnection object isn't very flexible.

I also put together a HttpServletServer, a simple HTTP server that handles HTTP requests and forwards them to a HttpServlet instance. This has been very useful over the years for unit testing HTTP servlets and clients.

Amazon S3 REST client and server

Refactored the Amazon S3 REST library to use the Apache HTTP client library and I cleaned up the methods and class names. I also created a very basic S3 emulated server for testing GET/PUT/DELETE requests.


I wrote an XML-RPC suite, to demonstrate my library's HTTP and XML parse capabilities. XML-RPC is pretty much obsolete thanks to SOAP.

Maven Repository

I now use SVN and Maven for my releases. (The files released at the SourceForge site are obsolete.)

Release Repository: http://e-xml.sourceforge.net/maven2/repository


Download the JavaDoc built with the release you want from the Maven repository.

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